Peer to Peer Employee Reward & Recognition Service on Salesforce Platform
Build a culture of appreciation with happier employees

Thanks GO


Thanks Go

”Thanks Go” is empowering your peers on Salesforce.
Create a thankful workplace culture with thanks cards and provide transparency on daily job.

Leverage secure Salesforce platform
Send thanks to your peers without any hassle

1. Purpose-built “Thanks cards”

1. Purpose-built “Thanks cards”

Select design and send a card to your peer along with thanks points. All features are supported on mobile.

2. “Like ” other Thanks cards

2. “Like ” other Thanks cards

See all thanks cards and click “Like this” button to send points to your peers. Thanks points will be sent to both sender and receiver.

3. Weekly Topics

3. Weekly Topics

Top5 "Like this" point cards are listed as weekly topics balloons, with elegant animation. Everyone can view messages which give a great insight what’s hot in the company. You can click "Like this" button here too.

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free -
Monthly $5 per person, per month starting at 50 persons


Peer to Peer Recognition Social Feedback Weekly topics
Dashboard Data Export Salesforce Platform

Native to Salesforce

Built on the Salesforce Platform, “Thanks Go” gives you integrated view of team performance and thanks recognition.

PhoneAppli for Salesforce

Integrated to PhoneAppli, “Thanks Go” gives you easy-to-use expert search and communication portal.