Integrated internal and external contacts on Salesforce platform
for secure access.

Phone Appli for salesforce
1 user ¥300/month


PhoneAppli for Salesforce

Integrate all communication tools such as phone, email,
and chat including business card management for Salesforce accounts.

Internal/External Web Phonebook

Internal/External Web Phonebook

Provide easy and secure access to centrally managed contacts from your smartphone or PC, then start communication from there.

Internal/External Web Phonebook

Incoming Call Display

Display incoming number

Display incoming number by syncing with Salesforce!
Incoming number will be displayed as long as the number is in PhoneAppli even it's not on device.

Incoming Call Display

Business Card Management System closely coordinating with SalesCloud

Business Card Management System closely coordinating with SalesCloud

Business Card Management tightly integrated with SalesCloud

Business Card Management leveraging smartphone and scanner
Automate contacts registration from business cards to Lead/Accounts on SalesCloud.

Capturing Business Card

Capturing Business Card

Capture business card instantly

Business card information can immediately be shared after capturing picture from smartphone.
Flexible setting such as company-wide sharing, within department, or just for individual
OCR function is provided by default, manual input service is by option.

Realization of integration with communication tools

Tightly integrated with various communication tools

Integrated with advanced communication tools to perform productive work style.
PhoneAppli can be used as a communication portal with market leading communication tools such as Cisco WebEx and Skype Business.

Realization of integration with communication tools
PhoneAppli for Salesforce 名刺を撮影してアップするだけ!即リード・取引先に登録できる3ステップ スピード感のあるマーケティング活動を実現!

Service Outline PhoneAppli for Salesforce Overview


Initial Registration Fee Call for details On first time contract only
User License $5/month 1 user Starts from 5 user
Business card input service Contact for details ※Option
Initial Setting Support Contact for details ※Option

Function List

Business card reading function OCR
(standard function)
Automatic reading by OCR No sheet limitation
Operator Input
(Option function)
Input by Operator Contact for details
Contact for details
Subject for Handwritten Memo
Business card management function Share function Add exchanger, exchanger history, network map
Folder function Shared folder Company/department-wide setting of disclosure range function
Personal folder Automatic sort function by name, domain
Business card reading method Smartphone Salesforce company app iPhone/Android compatible
Scanner Capture from commercial scanner (Snapsnap recommended)
Scanner available for customer
Scanner equipment available for customer
Offer reading software (PACA) on Windows PC free of charge
Salesforce integration function Integration mode Auto-integration Automatic integration based on rules
Manual integration Refer data, and manually integrate one by one
Lead integration Standard/Custom item integration Lead source adding function
Accounts/Contacts Standard/Custom item integration Record type selecting function
Personal account correspondent
Campaign integratoin Synced Lead/Accounts integration Possible automation of Pardot mail delivery
User management function Internal contacts Management of user information based on organization tree structure Intergation with every type of communication tool
Organization chart Automatic generation of organization chart Update, concurrent tasks of user information based on role
Smartphone contacts function iPhone Display call based on PA Sync for Salesforce free app Display Lead/Accounts/Internal/External contacts
Android Manage call history based on PA Sync for Salesforce free app Display Lead/Accounts/Internal/External contacts
Manage phone call information history
Various integration function Office365 integration Automatic integration Office365 organization/user information Possible to set integration organization/user optionally
TeamSpirit integration Integrate TeamSpirit attendance daily time record information with internal contacts ※Standard function
(Requires the contracts of both services)
UPWARD integration Integrate PhoneAppli business card information with UPWARD map diagram


Possible direct integration that also includes for Pardot

Onformation of the registered business card can be integrate to Pardot if marketing automation tool Pardot is used.
Mail from Pardot can be transmitted within the day the business cards are exchanged.

toBe marketing TerraSky TeamSpirit

Integration with other application

Integration with Salesforce partner service centralizing ong PhoneAppli contacts is being enriched.


Integration with communication tools is also realized

Integration with necessary communication tools in the work style reform is aslo being realized.
With the functions such as world share's no.1 web meeting Cisco Webex video meeting and each company telephone integration, PhoneAppli can be used as an internal communication portal.

Case StudyCase Study

Case StudyPromoting "Work Style Reform"
Achieved next level of productivitytoBe Marketing Co.

The business card sorting work that took about 20hours a month has become 0 (zero) hours. As a result, overtime hours is reduced significantly, and has able to put effort in other tasks.


How much is 1 license?
$5 per month.
How many licenses can be contracted?
Minimum 5 licenses
Contact for details
Packs can be prepared according to the number of registered sheets for the year.
Price changes according to the number of packs. Please contact us for more details.
Is there an initial fee?
Contact for details.
How to integrate with Salesforce?
Integration can automatically be done in "Account"/"Contact"/"Lead"/"Campaign of Salesforce.