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Promoting "Work Style Reform"
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toBe Marketing Co.


  1. Business Efficiency Improvement with Business Card Capture Function.
  2. Salesforce Data Integration by only taking a picture of Business Card with Smartphone.
  3. Secure usage of smartphone with the incoming number display.

Daily Business Card sorting work time becomes zero,
business efficiency improvement

The task that Mr. Kaneko belongs to the Marketing Plan first performs after attendance was work of sorting business card data received by sales person."Starting with checking whether it is registered in Salesforce, Business Card Data is sorted out.

On the day when the amount of Business Card Data was huge , the morning ended with that work, and the other work shifted backwards and there were times when I had to work overtime ".
I had been thinking that automated sorting of Business Cards would be better than human labor.

Just by taking photos of Business Cards using Smartphones,
Lead & Account integration as well as Pardot integration.

After introducing PhoneAppli, registration of the Business Cards was entrusted to each Sales Representative.According to Ms. Kaneko , " Sorting of the Business Cards that took about 20 hours a month has lowered down to 0 (zero) hours.As a result, overtime work has also been reduced, and we can now focus on other tasks".

PhoneAppli's Business Card Registration can easily registered by taking a Business Card Picture using a Smartphone.In order to collaborate with Salesforce immediately after registration (Lead, Business Partner Cooperation and Pardot CXooperation), Sales Personnel and Marketing Personnel will take the initiative to utilize. Implementation of special in-house training for introduction is not necessary.

The Smartphone usage has become "secure" with the incoming display function.

Currently, in toBe marketing we are using mobile choice "050" (Rakuten Communications Co., Ltd.).When a phone call arrives at an individual's Smartphone, "it often happens that he / she does not know whether it is a Business Phone or a Private Phone.toBe marketing is said to be one of the major reasons when introducing PhoneAppli that it became possible to display incoming calls even at iOS.According to Mr. Kanai, MAPlus's Planning Director , "Even if there is no contact registration on the terminal side,

by displaying the employees and customers' names, it is very easy to distinguish beforehand whether it is a Private Incoming Call or a Business Incoming Call".In addition, PhoneAppli can search people who want to make a phone call and can select the MOBACHO call as it is which lead to the activation of MOBACHO.Mr. Koike also hopes to collaborate with WebEx which is used internally so that the benefits of PhoneAppli will be experienced by the employees.

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toBe Marketing Co.
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  • PhoneAppli for Salesforce
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Both the Phonebook and the Business Card Management implement the One platform of Salesforce and a significant reduction in overtime work.