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Phone Appli Collaboration Directory Phone Appli Collaboration Directory

Phone Appli Collaboration Directory (PACD)

The PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory (PACD) that occupied the No. 1 market share position of the Web phone book market for four consecutive years

PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory AKA PACD provides you with secure access to both your corporate and personal contacts from any device. Providing Mail, Phone, Chat or Web Meetings, the PACD tool enables you to enjoy powerful communication functionality in a timely manner. The PACD quick communication method provides you with more power for your business. The PACD, which has the No.1 market share for Web phone applications in the Japan market, works in connection with Cisco Communications Manager.
※1 December 2016, Source MM Research in Japan.

PACD Web Phone Directory changes business communications.

Web電話帳が社内のコミュニケーションを変えます。 Web電話帳が社内のコミュニケーションを変えます。
  1. 1. Multi-device
    1.Multi-device: PACD Web Phone Directory can be accessed from any device
  2. 2. Corporate Internal Portal
    2."Internal Portal" You can easily search for data that has been taken from the existing DB and business cards
  3. 3. Collaboration using the UC tools
    The PACD implements the "UC tool collaborations" function that is based on the seven-step theory of collaboration.

Your work style changes by PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory smooth communication

By using the PACD for outgoing calls and to send e-mails or engage in chat, you can set a reservation and start Web and video conferencing. If you have the same communication tool as the other party, you will be able to maximize efficiency by selecting an optimal communication method.

Advantages of introducing the PACD
Advantage 1

You can securely view contact information anywhere at any time

You can view your contact information without registering data on mobile phones or smartphones by creating an internal phone book and a customer phone book tailored to your business organization.

You can securely view contact information anywhere at any time

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Advantage 2

Phone books tailored to your business organization


You can tailor phone books to your organizational structure. You can find a department in a department-free structure or use keywords to search for people and display and check their contact information.

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Advantage 3

Easily find the best person.

You can call the other party via FMC after confirming that the person in charge is available. You can also report the progress of business negotiations to the manager using the chat function. All these enable you to grasp the status of everyone concerned.

Easily find the best person.

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Advantage 4

No data entry is required for individual terminals


The PACD allows you to identify the names of incoming callers even if their information is not registered on your smartphone.*
Since information about your contacts and/or received calls are not stored on your smartphone, there will be no security issues in the event your smartphone is lost.
*This function requires PBX linkage.
For Android terminals, it is possible to alert you of incoming calls without using this function.

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For example

DeNA Co., Ltd.

"Know Who" is a key to successful presentation of RFPs. You can successfully lead the negotiation from the initial phase.
Also, enjoy working flexibly with your existing equipment, etc.
All issues that a leading BYOD company, DeNA, had have been solved by PACD.


Communication loss occurred frequently due to a rapid expansion in staff numbers as well as overseas expansion.

There are too many people to learn about and find out what they are doing
Even if a call is made to an extension, the target person may not be able to be contacted.
Need to know who has detailed information about this issue

No. of implemented IDs: Approximately 1,200
As of April 2012

New mobile-centric work space

UIs are optimized for each device to be accessed by a Web application, PhoneAppli "Collaboration Directory" on the premises.
Personnel information is synchronized across devices when linked to ActiveDirectory.

  • [Mobile function built-in]
    Company-paid smartphone that has been subjected to security measures
  • [Web phone book application]
    Web telephone book in connection with Active Directory
  • [Smartphone]
    Wherever you are capable of straight-line calling using the FMC number
DeNA where “Web telephone book" and a Smart phone extension helped create an “office that connects anytime”.DeNA where "Web telephone book" and a Smart phone extension helped create an "office that connects anytime". When DeNA relocated its main office in April 2012, they created an office where all employees could be connected anytime, anywhere by using smartphones as extension telephones.
PhoneAppli "Collaboration Directory", which has the top market share of web phone directories, supports the environment in which you can first confirm the status of people to contact, and communicate with them.

You can also use any device.

  • Office Directory
  • Shared business card
  • Click to Call
  • Pop up Imcoming calls for Android
  • Reject Call (Option)
  • Outgoing from Smartphone.
  • PACD Incoming call notification system
  • IM cooperation
  • Jabber for Windows
  • WebEx Meeting Center
  • Import business card
  • For GoogleApps, Office365
  • Viewing Office map
  • Mobile phone
  • Windows 10 Mobile対応
Office directoryOffice directory
Search for staff member, dept, phone and PC.
Shared business cardShared business card
By uploading your business card to a shared directory, you can view it securely from a PC or smartphone.
Click to CallClick to Call
Call Control is a function to control calls that uses connected IP phones.
Pop up Incoming calls for AndroidPop up Incoming calls for Android : Unique functions - For Android -
When you receive a call from a caller whose details are not saved in the smartphone, to view the contacts of the other party with reference to the phone directory.
Reject Call (Option)Reject Call (Option)
PhoneAppli "Collaboration Directory" enables reject call setting and call management.
Outgoing from SmartphoneOutgoing from Smartphone : Prefix outgoing / Callback outgoing
Outgoing from Smartphone. Prefix outgoing / Callback outgoing
PACD Incoming call notification systemPACD Incoming call notification system
"PACD incoming call notification system" identifies who the caller is even if your smartphone local memory does not have the caller registered. This is an important security measure function.
※ Available in iPhone/Android.
IM cooperationConnecting to Cisco Jabber/Skype for Business (IM cooperation)
PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory, to view the presence of Cisco Jabber(Cisco WebEx Messenger & Cisco IM and Presence) and Skype for Business(Lync Online & Lync Server 2010 & Lync Server 2013), click to chat can be performed.
Jabber for WindowsCisco Jabber for Windows with PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory
Cisco Jabber can be used to display the window of PACD. This enables KnowWho searches in Japanese, sharing of the phone directory that includes business card images, and transmission using Jabber. Calls can be made in high quality sound even when using a thin client device that is not suited for voice calls, by calling back from a cellular phone.
WebEx Meeting CenterWebEx Meeting Center
You can start a WebEx Meeting Center from PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory.
Import business cardImport business card
Business cards that you obtained from customers can be scanned by PhoneAppli "Collaboration Directory" using a multifunction printer or a scanner. Card information will then be able to be viewed securely.
For GoogleApps, Office365For GoogleApps, Office365
Updated schedules can be checked anytime and shared in conjunction with major groupware such as Google Apps, Office365, and Exchange. You can carry out registration of e-mail transmission or schedule from PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory.
Viewing Office mapViewing Office map
PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory can confirm the positions of staff in the office.
Mobile phoneMobile phone
PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory can also be used on mobile phones.
Windows 10 Mobile-enabled PACDWindows 10 Mobile-enabled PACD
New! "We released applications compatible with Windows 10 Mobile.
Web phone books are securely accessible from Windows Phone."

PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory has passed the Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT test) to prove interoperability with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Please read our full Disclaimer here.
PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory can be purchased from Cisco sales partners.
* Corporation MM general Institute, check
PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory contains two packages.

PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory
PhoneAppli "Collaboration Directory" is a phone directory application that can work together with Cisco Unified Communications Manager to check the active status of computers, IP phones, and chats on one screen using a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets.

PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory groupware options
PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory groupware options is an application that can read e-mail, schedule and task. This application provides support to GoogleApps and Office365.

Cisco Compatibleロゴ

PhoneAppli is the first company in Japan to acquire Preferred Solution Developer status, which is the highest level of certification offered by Cisco CDN. Recognizing and trusting our technical capabilities, Cisco offered to market our products with the objective of further expanding our alliance.

It is now possible for customers to purchase a license for our product from our sales partner companies as well as from Cisco sales partner companies that sell and support Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
For more information, please contact a Cisco sales partner.

For information about partner companies and their contacts:

Invitation to Demonstration of Our Products

At PhoneAppli, we provide demonstrations of our products, including a Web phone book solution - the PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory (PACD) - that works with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Cisco IP-Phone, "PhoneAppli EZDX" (application for Cisco DX70/80 series). We also provide consultations and suggestions relevant to the introduction of our products, and offer full support to help you resolve any related concerns.

Invitation to Demonstration of Our Products


Please apply for a demonstration by filling out the inquiry form:

  1. (1) Requested date
  2. (2) Your company name
  3. (3) Name of person in charge
  4. (4) Department name
  5. (5) Number of participants
  6. (6) Consultation details

Location of PhoneAppli Inc.

3rd Floor Isomura Building, 1-1-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Japan.


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Phone Appli Inc.
3rd Floor Isomura Building, 1-1-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Japan.

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