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Collaborative IoT

Collaborative IoT

PhoneAppli carves out a new future of collaboration between people and things

"Collaborative IoT" is a solution that sends information obtained from fiber or sensors attached to people and things to the cloud service PhoneAppli provides to visualize what people are doing.
PhoneAppli provides "Collaborative IoT" as a connected series.

Collaborative IoT that PhoneAppli strives to achieve

  • 1. Multi-device
    PACD Web Phone Directory is able to access from any device
  • 2. Corporate Internal Portal
    "Internal Porta" You can easily search the data taken from the existing DB and business cards
  • 3. Collaboration using the UC tools
    The PACD implements the "UC tool collaborations" function that is based on the seven-step theory of collaboration.
  • 4. Collaboration between people and things
    "Collaborative IoT" Collects pieces of information about people and things and connects them using the UC tool
Collaborative IoT that PhoneAppli strives to achieve

PhoneAppli helps a company considering entering the wearables market as smoothly as possible through the utilization of know-how on PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory, a Web phone book application that we have developed and provided.
We continue to offer services aimed at maintaining trust of companies, and the security and safety of employees and consumers.

Case example of collaboration

"Connected guards"

A service that visualizes the environment in which employees work and the status of each employee to make it possible to serve as an emergency communications channel or to provide advance notice about certain items.

Connected guards

We formed a capital and business alliance with Mitsufuji Corporation. To bring about Collaborative IoT, conductive silver-plated fiber AGposs is used as a wearable sensor.

To offer helmets for "connected guards", we collaborate with STARLITE Corporation.

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