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2nd February, 2017
Phone Appli Inc.

Web Phone Book Domestic Market Share No.1 Phone Appli, with CRM and Salesforce Edition "PhoneAppli" Global Edition launched

Phone Appli Inc.(Headquarter:Minato-ku, Tokyo CEO: Yosuke Ishihara)has launched a global version of the Web Phonebook cloud service "PhoneAppli" to be offered at's cloud infrastructure from the Salesforce AppExchange ( )global site.

Phone Appli provides the communication environment that is most suitable for a visitor through a collaboration platform to provide in No. 1 domestic share ※1 Web telephone book "PACD" (Phone Appli Collaboration Directory) and helps realize " Work-Style Reforms".

This time, "Phone Appli" will apply Japanese version which released in November 2016 to an English version and start providing globally.
Overseas-Companies or a Japanese company with oversea bases are able to use "Phone Appli" by applying on AppExchange global site(Salesforce Application-Market).

With “Salesforce for everyone” as our service concept, it was designed on the assumption that all employees make use of Salesforce as a foundation, we will provide functions such as contact and business card management at a rate of 3 US $ monthly (tax excluded) per user.

English surport has been provided this time. Furthermore, other languages surpport will be available soon.

Main features of "Phone Appli" and the following 5 points.

1.Internal Contacts
Employee list can be managed in a tree structure of your organization. You can manage the online status of users with PC ・ smartphone, and you can easily perform actions such as phone ・ Salesforce Chatter ・ Microsoft company and Cisco company business chat ・ mail as necessary.

2.External Contacts
Card management is available with all employees, the standard OCR business card registration feature. Card input service is also available if it’s necessary.
Outside contact and account information shared by all employees and departments. Or on personal management of traditional design enable Salesforce leads or suppliers and contact with intact.

3.Organization chart
Organizational structure and employee reporting lines can be displayed visually.
Also, find employees from an organization chart, move due to organizational changes can be easily confirmed.

4.Support for smartphone by Salesforce App Cloud
Secure Smartphone that provides various authentication infrastructure, Cloud App on the mobile screen of the "Phone Appli", internal and external contacts easily access, telephone and mail communication.

5.Salesforce Sales Cloud Collaboration features
By uploading a card image from the Smartphone and auto-enrollment and leading trading partner and Chief trading partner, customer registration is easy to complete.

"Phone Appli" is compatible with browser and App Cloud

■Provision Start:31st January 2017日
※Salesforce Appli Market AppExchange URL

■Offer price (tax not included)
 Phone Appli license costs
  Initial cost: free
  Monthly fee: $3 /1 user (At least 5 users more contract allows a one-year contract)

※1 End of December 2015, MM Research Institute
※2 Taxes vary in each country.
※ The company name and the product name mentioned in the body are a registered trademark or a trademark of each company.


【About Phone Appli Inc.】

Phone Appli Inc. is “collaboration platform through people and people, people and to help you tie things on the internet, innovation “is to target. Three-year consecutive domestic No.1 market share in Web phone book “PACD (Phone Appli Collaboration Directory) of providing product development and sales with communication tools such as IP phones, business chat, web conferencing, centering on PA CLOUD Web phone book Jun, 2016, has been developed for small and medium enterprises, April 2016, started selling IoT solution “collaborative IoT”, PA CLOUD Enterprise, July 2016 serving the PACD in the cloud. Also Salesforce Ventures United States sales force. Com investment sector boasts a world market with CRM platform Jun 2016 which underwriting through third- party allocation of new shares to raise funds conducts. To many companies, including Cisco systems and Microsoft, which includes various types of UC communication tool with providing general communications environment.
Corporate Web Site:

【Phone Appli Information】

Phone Appli Inc.
3rd Floor Isomura Building, 1-1-3, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001, Japan



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3rd Floor Isomura Building, 1-1-3, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001, Japan

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