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Jan 2008 Phone Appli .Inc is established in Soka-shi, Saitama.
May 2008 Sales of "IP reception stand system" began.


Mar 2009 Sales of "Web telephone book Ver1.0" began.


Jun 2010 Began providing "Web Phone Directory for iPhones", which enables secure use of iPhones within a company.


Jun 2011 Sales of new Web telephone book version "PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory" began.
Jul 2011 Launched "Collaboration Directory for Android" offer.


Jan 2013 Authorized as Japan's first Preferred Solution Developer by Cisco's development partner authorization program.


Feb 2014
  • Headquarters moved to Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
  • MM General Institute report announced Phone Appli .Inc acquired No.1 market share in the "Web telephone book, application" market.
May 2014 The Cisco model number is acquired by "PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory"; OEM offer starts.
Jul 2014
  • "PACD+" offer is launched to realize the smartphone thin client ™ concept to significantly improve smartphone security.
  • Nihonbashi branch office opened.
Oct 2014
  • "PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory" business card management added to functions
  • Entered business card management service market.


Mar 2015 MM Research Institute Report announced that Phone Appli had the top market share for two consecutive years in the "Web phone directory application" market.
Jun 2015 Began selling "PA cloud" cloud Web telephone book.
Aug 2015 "Smart light A business, UC" offer launched based on "PA cloud" with cooperation of Nippon Telegraph And Telephone West Corp.
Aug 2015 Headquarters moved to Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo to improve business efficiency due to staff expansion.
Dec 2015 "UC (Net community SYSTEM αNXⅡ Plus)" cloud service offer launched, promoting renewal of working style jointly with Nippon Telegraph And NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION Corp.


Feb 2016 Formed a business alliance with Mitsufuji to open up a new market involving combining of wearable IoT products (collaborative IoT).
Apr 2016 MM Research Institute Report announced that Phone Appli had the top market share of the "Web phone book application" market for three consecutive years.
Jun 2016 Secured funding from Salesforce Ventures, Salesforce.com's investment group, as the underwriter by the issuance of new shares by way of third-party allotment.
Jul 2016 "Phone Appli Collaboration Directory" Cloud Service "PA CLOUD Enterprise Launched.
Nov 2016 "PhoneAppli for Salesforce" Launched.
Dec 2016
  • Started collaboration between "hamon™" of Mitsufuji Co., Ltd. and "Phone Appli Collaboration Directory".
  • "JINS MEME" and "JINS MEME OFFICE" provided by JINS Corporation started cooperation with "Phone Appli Collaboration Directory"


Feb 2017 Started offering global version "PhoneAppli for Salesforce" linked with CRM.
Apr 2017 No.1 in the MM Research Institute report in Web phone applications market four years continuous acquisitions.