About Phone Appli

Our company operates based on the idea of “Helping to bring forth innovation by connecting people to people and people to things through the Internet”. Because the Internet has become a necessity that is now widely used in homes and by businesses, our mission is to make seamless communication possible by presenting an environment where people and things are connected.   Our affiliated telecommunications market is quickly spreading across the world, growing in diversity across devices along with improvements in speed and versatility. While our main development and sales activities focus on smart phones, tablets, PC networking device communication services, and Web directories (PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory), we also develop a range of communications-related software that we are also expanding into related businesses.


Jan  2008  PhoneAppli.Inc is established in Soka-shi, Saitama.

May 2008  Sales of “IP reception stand system” began

Mar 2009  Sales of “Web telephone book Ver1.0” began

Jun  2010  Began providing “Web Phone Directory for iPhones”, which enables secure use of iPhones within a company

Jun  2011  Sales of new Web telephone book version “PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory” began

Jul   2011  Launched “Collaboration Directory for Android” offer

Jan  2013  Authorized as Japan’s first Preferred Solution Developer by Cisco’s development partner authorization program.

Feb  2014  Headquarters moved to Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
       MM General Institute report announced PhoneAppli.Inc acquired No.1 market share in
       the “Web telephone book, application” market

May 2014  The Cisco model number is acquired by “PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory”; OEM offer starts

Jul 2014  “PACD+” offer is launched to realize the smartphone thin client ™ concept to significantly improve smartphone security
       Nihonbashi branch office opened

Oct  2014  ”PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory” business card management added to functions
       Entered business card management service market

Mar 2015  MM Research Institute Report announced that PhoneAppli had the top market share for
       two consecutive years in the “Web phone directory application” market

Jun 2015  Began selling “PA cloud” cloud Web telephone book

Jun 2015  ”Smart light A business, UC” offer launched based on “PA cloud” with cooperation of Nippon Telegraph And Telephone
       West Corp.

Aug 2015  Headquarters moved to Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo to improve business efficiency due to staff expansion.

Dec 2015  ”UC (Net community SYSTEM αNXⅡ Plus)” cloud service offer launched, promoting renewal of working style
       jointly with Nippon Telegraph And NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION Corp.

  • PhoneAppli’s solutions passed the IVT test to verify interoperability with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

  • We are the 1st company in Japan to be approved as a solution developer within the Cisco Developer Network. http://www.cisco.com/web/JP/specialprog/solution-partner-program/compatible/index.html

Corporate Overview

Company name Phone Appli Inc.
Headquarters 3rd Floor Isomura Building, 1-1-3, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001, Japan
Established January 2008
Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and Corporate Auditors
Chairman Hiroyuki Miura
President Yosuke Ishihara
Director of Sales Koji Nakagawa
Director of Management Tomohiro Shiroishi
Outside Director Tadashi Mogami
Auditor Masaji Onishi
Auditor Mayumi Noguchi
Auditor Keisuke Kaneko
Executive Adviser Executive Adviser Shinsuke Takahashi
Capital 69,974,960yen
Major activities Application development: Development and operation of Cisco Communication Manager-enabled applications
Planning, development and sales of cloud telephone book service
Various IP-PBX design, construction and maintenance
Other communications facilities-related construction work
Main client ●ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
●NTT Communications Corporation
●NTT Com Solutions Corporation
●Otsuka Corporation
●Kanematsu Communications Limited
●Cisco Systems G.K.
●SoftBank Corp.
●SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp.
●DIS Solution Co.,ltd.
●Dimension Data Japan Inc.
●Japan Business System, Inc
●Net One Systems Co., Ltd.
●Net One Partners Co., Ltd.
●Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Hibiya branch office
Resona Bank Tokyo center branch office
Saitama ken credit union Soka branch office
Authorization Electronic communication operators notified the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications A-27-14480
Acquired permission from Tokyo’s general construction industry (telecommunications construction) (General -26) No. 142044
License for dispatch business Specified Worker Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, especially 13-317723
Allow antiquary Tokyo Public Safety Commission No. 301081605225

Head Office

3rd Floor Isomura Building, 1-1-3, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001, Japan

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2-min, walk from Toranomon Station, Exit 7 (Ginza Subway)
4-min, walk from Kasumigaseki Station, Exit A12 (Chiyoda Subway)
7-min, walk from Uchisaiwaicho Station, Exit A4a (Mita Subway)