Cisco Systems G.K. and Phone Appli Inc. Announced Collaboration with Government, Municipalities, and Social Infrastructure Enterprises to Create Innovative IoT Solutions

24th August 2016

Cisco Systems G.K.

Phone Appli Inc.


Cisco Systems G.K. and Phone Appli Inc. Announced Collaboration with Government, Municipalities, and Social Infrastructure Enterprises to Create Innovative IoT Solutions

Cisco Systems G.K. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Miyuki Suzuki, below Cisco) and Domestic No.1 UC platform development vender, Phone Appli Inc.(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Yosuke Ishihara, below Phone Appli Inc. announced its collaboration with government agencies, local governments, and social infrastructure businesses to create innovative IoT solutions.


Recently, government agencies and municipalities, electricity, gas, water service, transportation and social infrastructure companies, have increasingly sought detailed and high quality security services for user’s diversified needs. And new technology is attracting more services that respond to Iot “Internet of Things,” and even promote flexible working environments.

■Government / Municipalities Proposal for Enhancing the Work Environment of Social Infrastructure Enterprises

There is an urgent need to improve work environments by providing personalized services to diverse user needs, high diversity of human resources, etc. Thus, PhoneAppli’s familiarity with Cisco, knowledge of Japan’s unique culture, and its API application, allows it to pioneer new ways of working for both companies and governments.

PhoneAppli has the No. 1* domestic market share of the Web Phone Book, “PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory (below PACD).” The company is responding quickly to the changing work environments of typical Japanese businesses by pioneering applications that address this market and serve a variety of diverse user needs.

■To Realize a Safe and Secure Service Delivery Infrastructure to “Discover Real-Time Communication”
Utilizing the IoT sensor technologies to realize a safe and secure service delivery infrastructure, is now considered a way to “discover real-time communication.” Real-time communication is discovered through capturing data by staff working in the field with IoT glasses, clothing, and helmets. This way, companies can make quick and accurate decisions with this newfound data to provide more comprehensive crisis management techniques.

PhoneAppli will sell both of these “collaborative IoT” (* 2) based solutions jointly with Cisco. By promoting innovative working methods, Cisco and PhoneAppli will produce a demo / trial environment to demonstrate the potential impact of IoT for customers through its sales partnerships.
※1 At the end of December /2015 MM Research Institute investigated
※2 For more information about “collaborative IoT,” please check the supplemental material.

【About Cisco Systems G.K.】
Cisco is a United States Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) of Japan Corporation. Cisco seeks a network platform can be transformed to new fields from the underlying business of intelligent networking solutions to voice, video, data, storage, security, entertainment, and people who work, live, entertainment and learning. Cisco company overview, details you can refer to the following Web site.
Cisco home page:

【About Phone Appli Inc.
Phone Appli Inc. is a collaboration platform, connecting people with people, people with their interests on the Internet, and strategic partnerships to fuel innovation. Providing a third consecutive domestic No.1 market share in Web phone book Phone Appli Collaboration Directory (PACD) for development and sales with communication tools such as IP phones, business chat, Web conferencing, centering on products. SalesForce Ventures U.S. investment division that provides “PA CLOUD” cloud services based on July,2016 the PACD, besides releasing IoT solution “collaboration IoT” in April, 2016 CRM platform in the July 2016 world acceptance Corporation conducted financing through third- party allocation of new shares. For many companies, such as Cisco Systems and Microsoft, which includes various types of unified communication tool with providing the communication environment.
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【Contact Cisco Systems G.K.】
Cisco Systems G.K. Press room: Okamoto
TEL: +81 03-6434-2426 E-Mail:

【PhoneAppli Information】
Phone Appli Inc.
3rd Floor Isomura building, 1-1-3, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001, Japan
Tel: +81 03-5488-7001

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The “Collaborative IoT” is IoT solutions PhoneAppli provides.
Sensor with clothes and helmet, such as the employee is attached to work in social infrastructure company glasses, it can be monitored at any time situation. Phone Appli’s UC platform by reading / monitoring in real time, analyze stored data in DB “Visualization” delivers. Admin side of the enterprise, potential dangerous situation of staff Cisco solutions (voice, chat, video conferencing, etc,.) immediately to its staff or staff of real-time communication and in attention and review.。

■”Collaborative IoT” schematic diagram


※1 Services can be provided by the “collaborative IoT” is as follows.
・ Connected Driver:(Driver condition (see sleepiness, concentration, heart rate)
・ Connected guards: guards status (see fallen state, temperature humidity conditions * 2, location information, heart rate, etc,. )
・ Connected office workers: State employees who work in the Office (see concentration and location information)
・ Contend factory workers: workers of the State (see fallen state, temperature-humidity conditions, heart rate)
・ Connected runners: runner status (fallen state, temperature-humidity conditions, heart rate, location, and review
※2 temperature-humidity conditions will be needed to prevent heat stroke information

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