PhoneAppli Launches Windows 10 Mobile App to Enhance its No. 1 Market Share of Domestic Corporate Web Phone Book Market

8th August, 2016

Phone Appli Inc.


PhoneAppli Launches Windows 10 Mobile App to Enhance its No. 1 Market Share of Domestic Corporate Web Phone Book Market


PhoneAppli (Headquarters: Minato-ku Tokyo, CEO: Yosuke Ishihara)achieved No. 1 domestic market share of the web phone book market in Japan with “Phone Appli Collaboration Directory (below PACD).” Today, PhoneAppli launched smartphone application compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile.


PhoneAppli developed the web telephone book “PACD” as a tool to achieve smooth communication within companies, and integrated it with iOS and Android systems to effectively use “PACD+” with smartphones. To provide the best possible customer experience, PhoneAppli partnered with Microsoft and released the Windows 10 mobile edition of “PACD.” By installing the application on a Windows 10 mobile-powered device, iOS can immediately migrate data from Android systems without any hassle.


Currently, the “PACD” application works with the Universal Windows Platform, and is compatible with a variety of systems. On the Windows application menu, PhoneAppli’s personal assistant “Cortana” appears as a live tile, and has unique features such as voice recording.
PhoneAppli will continue to expand to additional Microsoft products such as Azure and Skype for Business to effectively serve the diverse needs of our customers.

Images: Windows 10 Mobile-enabled “PhoneAppli” screenshots.


1)Live Tile on Windows Start Menu
 Readily Available When Needed



2)Phone Book Application Features 
 “PhoneAppli” Main Screen


wp_PA directory

3)Internal Phonebook List
  Ability to Read & Send Employees Address Book. On a Device with Windows 10 Mobile



4)Business Card Information Details
  View a Customers Business card on iPhone


In addition, we have the following endorsement from Microsoft Japan.


Microsoft japan Co., LTD. General Manager, Developer and Platform Evangelism Lead, Katsura Ito Endorses “PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory”
Japan Microsoft welcomes the launch of the Windows 10 Mobile Web telephone address book “Phone Appli Collaboration Directory,” developed by Phone Appli Inc. At this time, it is supported by the Universal Windows Platform in an easy-to-use mobile application interface that is secure, and is expected to be adopted by a large share of customers with Windows 10-enabled devices. Microsoft Japan will develop more innovative integration features with PhoneAppli and strengthen this partnership to support overall, operational efficiency.
* 2nd of December, 2015 MM research institute
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【About Phone Appli Inc.
Phone Appli Inc. is a collaboration platform, connecting people with people, people with their interests on the Internet, and strategic partnerships to fuel innovation. It is a Web phone book application with No. 1 domestic market share for its “PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory.” We connect a wide variety of people and goods with a simple UI environment to provide effective communication and collaboration for companies and societies. In addition, we will release a new IoT, cloud service solution called “Collaboration IoT” on the “PA cloud” platform in April 2016. It will be based on the “PhoneAppli Collaboration Directory,” which launched in June 2015 to provide the most effective communication environment for global companies.
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