PhoneAppli Web Phone Book and NextGen IP-PBX “NX-C1000 for Enterprise” is Cooperated ~Business Efficiency Improvement in Communication with Company and Customer ~

20th July 2016

Phone Appli Inc.

NextGen Co., LTD


PhoneAppli Web Phone Book and NextGen IP-PBX “NX-C1000 for Enterprise” is Cooperated
~Business Efficiency Improvement in Communication with Company and Customer ~


Phone Appli Inc.(Headquarter:Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO:Yosuke Ishihara below PhoneAppli)provided Web phone book and NextGen Co., LTD(Headquarter:Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO:Shinji Onishi below NextGen)provide IP-PBX “ NX-1000 for Enterprise” became possible collaboration together.
IP-PBX of NextGen company with extensive experience in major domestic companies and academic market as an IP Centrex server of major telecommunications operators, “NX-1000 for Enterprise” and PhoneAppli’s Web phone book, which boasts market share No.1 “Phone Appli Collaboration Directory (below, PACD)” developed in the PBX cooperation is complete and be able to proposal/ offer. As a result, the addition to effective use in the collective management and PC browsers and smartphones contacts outside the company in the Web phone book, you can use the provided function later in that work with NX-C1000.
Through the provision of this solution, the smartphone security enhancements and of advancing the use of a company, will continue to create and support the operational efficiency by it of new communication seen. In addition, we will aggressively expend sales through the channel of communication operators and domestic partner companies.
The main offer function is as follows.
1)Click to call back Transmission
PC browser, click to call back the originating from the smartphone (= calling the telephone number of the company) you can.
2)Transfer Settings
PC browser, you can set the ON/OFF switching of telephone transfer from smartphones, and forwarding number. As a result, possible to transfer calls from customers and, incoming calls to the company, such as after the close of business can be set so that they are not transferred.
3)Smartphone (iPhone) incoming call notification
If the Phone call from those who are registered in the web phone book, who has been suffering from (name/ company name) will be displayed on the smart phone (iPhone). (At later date for the Android compatible)
4)Block calls function
Nuisance telephone, to register the phone number, such as business phone to call rejection list, will be able to a call rejection. Further, in the case where a list in advance can also registered in advance.
5)Business card cooperation function
Use the business card information retrieved to the web phone book, the following function are available.
・viewing/callback calling ( PC browser, smartphone app)
・Caller business card information display (PC browser, PC client, smartphone app)
It’s possible to set a business card as cloud business card management “Sansan” synchronously.
※”PACD”, “NX-C1000 for Enterprise” need “the PA adapter” ( tentative name) of after the most recent version and NextGen cooperation offer each to cooperate.

*2015 December 31, MM Research Institute
Smartphone screen image of the Web telephone book

【About Phone Appli Inc.
Phone Appli Inc. through collaboration platform, connecting people with people, people and things on the Internet, are companies that help you create the innovation. It is offer with IP phone and business chat, the product which linked the communication tool including the Web meeting for central figure by development / sale of Web telephone book “Phone Appli Collaboration Directory (PACD)” of domestic shares No. 1 consecutive for three years. Cloud services” PA CLOUD” is the PACD to the base in June 2015, the other to release the IoT solutions “collaboration IoT” in April 2016, the United States to provide CRM platform that the world’s top market share to Salesforce Ventures investment department as underwriter. Such as carry out the cooperation with various unified communications tool that including Cisco Systems, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation, will continue to provide more of the communications environment to corporate customers.
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【About NextGen Co., LTD】
NextGen supported the system of the major carrier as an expert of VoIP (Voice over IP) since the establishment of a business. Construction and large-scale IP Centrex for telecommunication of the IP phone system, we continue to provide pioneering solution. In addition, even the release of cloud PBX service in connection with the major carrier which utilized cloud and smartphone and provide the SIP/VoIP security diagnosis service not to watch many kinds these days and expand the solution for carriers but also public corporations.
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